N400 Passenger Van

N400 passenger van

For work and for the family

For your business and family you can count on the N400 Passengers. This van has an excellent finish and interior space, capacity for up to eight passengers and a 1.2 L 81 HP engine that provides custom power and with great economy.



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Versatile style

Regardless of the use, the N400 Van Passenger stands out for its style. Its straight lines create a subtle and balanced that even offers an internal space without obstacles. Big transparent lens headlights are highlighted in the front, the bumpers can be white or silver, in addition to having black or body color handles in the full version; the latter also has fog lights embedded in the front bumper. In addition, the semi full version has 14 “wheels in steel, while the full version is aluminum.

More and more space

Although the van N400 Passenger looks compact it is very large: it is 4.4 m long, 1.67 m wide, 1.86 m high and a distance of 2.85 m between axles. In this way, it accommodates the second and third row of seats to add space for eight passengers.

Comfort for all

N400 passenger van

Heating, reclining seats, windows with manual opening on the rear doors, rear defroster, cup holder, radio with CD / mp3 and two speakers are part of the complete line of van N400 Passengers. The full version has air conditioning, hydraulically assisted steering, electric front glass and central locking.

Power always at your disposal

With its 1.2 L engine, the van N400 Passengers have the right strength to face any work or family trip. It is equipped with four cylinders, sixteen valves and multipoint electronic injection, which gives a power of 81 HP, 116 Nm of torque. In this way, whenever you demand, this vehicle will respond with height and respect the environment.

Safety is paramount

The N400 Passenger vans are thought to offer maximum safety when working and driving with traffic. Therefore, it comes equipped with ABS brakes, child safety on the rear doors and third stop light, as well as remote opening of the fuel cap. The full version is equipped with a central lock with remote activation on the key.

Protection for on the road

In case of collision, van N400 Passenger protects the driver and passengers with three-point safety belts in the front seats, two and three points in the second and third row of seats, and reinforced bars for side protection on the doors . In addition, the intelligent structural design of your body has programmed deformation zones. Additionally, the full version comes equipped with two airbags.

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